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Fri, January 7, 2022

Paint by numbers is an old school hobby. He had his day in the sun, but interest in him gradually waned over the following decades. The pandemic, however, brought about a resurgence and the 1950s pastime returned. New aficionados, even those who are not particularly keen on artistic pursuits, are now proudly displaying their canvas and brush on social media.

For those not in the know, paint by numbers is a painting system where the outlines of a painting are already drawn on the canvas, and each shape is marked with a number that corresponds to a paint color. It’s as simple as following the given numbers and matching them to a pre-selected color palette that comes with the canvas.

Paint by number is found in most children’s coloring books. Therefore, some might see it as just a kids activity by association, but by no means is the activity restricted to kids. Paint-by-number kits for adults can be much more elaborate and difficult to make, and budding artists use them to practice their brush techniques.

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