Trafigura Pte Ltd (“Trafigura”), one of the world’s largest physical commodity trading companies, and Palantir Technologies Inc., announced the development of a technology services platform for the calculation of carbon, reporting and collaboration across commodity supply chains, according to the company’s report. Release.

A consortium approach enables participants in global energy and raw material supply chains to model life cycle carbon intensities and enables industry participants to work together for improved visibility and reporting. The platform aims to increase the transparency of emissions from the production, processing and transport of raw materials throughout the supply chain. This will allow participants to better understand the lifecycle emissions related to their indirect operations, benchmark themselves against other participants, and identify opportunities for low-carbon pathways.

This project marks the first time that Palantir will enter the market with a carbon monitoring partner. Leveraging Trafigura’s expertise in global raw material supply chains, Palantir’s Foundry operating system will be configured to provide consortium partners with an accurate calculation of carbon intensity in supply chains, starting with crude oil and refined products, as well as concentrates and refined metals.

The announcement builds on work already done over the past year by Palantir and Trafigura, with the initial pilot having already developed scenarios of ten million carbon pathways using updated commodity shipments by integrating data and Trafigura measurements supplemented with third-party data.

Founded in 1993, Trafigura is one of the largest physical commodities trading groups in the world. Trafigura also owns and operates a number of industrial assets, including a majority stake in global multi-metals producer Nyrstar and fuel storage and distribution company Puma Energy; and joint ventures Impala Terminals, a port and logistics provider, and Nala Renewables, a power and renewable energy investment and development platform.


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