A NEW tattoo and piercing studio is set to open in Colchester today and hopes to buck the trend of stereotypical shops.

Pastel Palace Tattoo and Piercing Studio has opened to the public in North Station Road.

The team hopes to bring change to what they say is an industry often dominated by men.

Instead of dark colors, dim lighting or heavy metal music, there will be colorful rooms and relaxed music.

The team also uses pre-appointment forms with questions such as preferred pronouns and disability requirements to ensure everyone is comfortable before they arrive.

Co-owner and co-founder Tilly Somervell said, “We want to create a safe and comfortable environment for our customers, because getting a tattoo or a piercing should be a fun experience.

“We want to be the studio we all needed when first in the industry, as customers, and now as artists.

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“Body mods are for everyone, and if this form helps people feel included, valid, and safe in our studio, then we’ve done our job well.”

There will also be no shared work rooms with other artists, meaning clients won’t have to get tattoos or piercings in a room full of strangers.

As an added touch, entertainers Sam, Hannah and Tilly provide an essential gift bag with every appointment, which includes follow-up, instructions on how to care for your new addition.

Both tattoo artists will also offer free touch-ups on tattoos during your next ink session.

The resident piercer will also offer a lifetime warranty on all piercings she performs.

For more information visit www.pastelpalace

tattoo.com, email [email protected], call 07422 531656 or meet at the studio at 27 North Station Road, Colchester.


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