PrimeXBT markets itself as a one-stop-shop for all things investment and trading and has secured a dominant position in the cryptocurrency market.

The award-winning multi-asset margin trading platform provides access to educational materials, expert trading advice, a peer-to-peer copy trading community, built-in technical analysis tools, to accounts of interest and a mobile application where essential functionalities can be accessed. when you travel.

Check out the following detailed review for a more in-depth look at each of the most important competitive advantages exclusive to PrimeXBT.

About PrimeXBT and its origin story

The cryptocurrency-based margin trading platform debuted in 2018 during the onset of the crypto bear market. Although the time of crypto winter would otherwise be unfortunate for most newcomer platforms, PrimeXBT’s leveraged short positions quickly helped the platform gain notoriety at a time when BitMEX was everything. what mattered.

Years later, BitMEX fell and PrimeXBT took the crown. No other margin trading platform offers so much leverage on major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, with up to 200x leverage. Even its next closest competitors offer at most 100x – PrimeXBT raises the bar in the industry in almost every way.

Long and short positions are just a tiny part of the set of tools traders have access to with no minimum deposit. Accepted account collateral includes BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and COV. These cryptocurrencies can be used for margin trading, copy trading, staking and much more. There are also over 100 different trading instruments all under one roof.

Instruments and trading tools for a complex portfolio

The long list of trading instruments keeps growing as the company listens to customer feedback and pays close attention to current market trends. In addition to the aforementioned Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is a wide range of altcoins of popular categories in the crypto market. Traditional assets include global equity indices like the S&P 500 or FTSE, commodities like gold and oil, and a huge range of forex currencies across major, minor, and exotic pairs.

Professionals can use the variety of these markets to strategically diversify a trading portfolio to steer it more towards capital protection. For example, positions in safe-haven assets like gold or certain currencies can counter a risky position in crypto. Long and short positions also offer a wide range of hedging strategies.

Built-in technical analysis tools mean traders don’t have to leave the platform to examine crypto price charts and get a good read on the trend, strength, momentum, and more. Using drawing tools, users can create trendlines that form the boundaries of graphical patterns such as triangles and flags or draw attention to support and resistance. There is also an abundance of trading indicators such as Relative Strength Index, MACD, Stochastic and others.

Invest time in education and put your skills to work

If you don’t want to use these tools effectively, PrimeXBT is here for you. In addition to the powerful trading tools, there is a comprehensive educational website dedicated to trading tips, strategies, tutorials, etc. called PrimeXBT Academy. Expert trader Dirk Hartig hosts the college-style program and provides periodic market updates and advice.

Further trading tips can be found on the company’s blog, where it also announces new product launches, features and platform updates. The most recent announcement is for a $100,000 bug bounty contest that just ended. There is also a help center, 24/7 customer service and a dedicated account manager for fully personalized services.

The PrimeXBT Competitions section is a place for weekly trading competitions and crypto-based rewards. Traders compete using risk-free virtual funds in a simulated market environment for a chance to win prizes and be crowned the top trader in each competition, increasing capital levels for trading and other services. Best of all, the risk-free setup means newcomers can practice trading, and pros can test trading strategies and hone them to perfection.

All about the covid ecosystem

Both types of traders – novices and professionals – can also benefit from the Covesting copy trading module. Covesting copy trading allows skilled traders to become strategy managers and climb the ranks of the fully transparent leaderboards. They come together to generate synergistic benefits.

Strategy managers profit from all subscribers who copy their trades. In contrast, followers can earn money from all the profitable trades made by the strategy manager without doing the heavy lifting themselves. Strategists need to perform well to rank high and attract followers. A five-star rating system also helps subscribers find the safest, lowest-risk subscribers to add to their portfolio.

Strategy managers and followers can also benefit from joining the COV token, which can improve profit shares, reduce trading fees, and more. Advanced, Premium, and Elite COV token memberships can also increase the Variable APY in Covesting Performance Accounts by up to 2x. The tool offers daily payouts in crypto rewards of up to 14% APY on staking inactive crypto assets for an ideal passive investment setup.

PrimeXBT app connects traders to global markets from anywhere

The PrimeXBT mobile app also deserves its own legend and has won its own set of awards. The free smartphone app is available through the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android and provides anywhere access to your PrimeXBT account.

The app allows users to do everything from buy crypto to trade cryptocurrencies and traditional assets – and stay on top of positions or a trading portfolio on the go. There’s a lot of attention to user experience and the familiar platform experience has been tweaked slightly to better suit a mobile screen and taps and swipes.

The app receives regular updates, including managing the Covesting mobile strategy, adding the platform’s exchange tool, and the ability to share ROI on social media. Sharing ROI may sound boastful, but it’s a great way to get more users to follow a covesting strategy or take advantage of PrimeXBT’s referral program to earn a commission from any users who might register.

Review Conclusion: Try PrimeXBT Today

The PrimeXBT platform has a lot to offer. All-in-one, one-stop claims are undeniable. From active trading to passive investing or education, the company offers a ton of value under one roof.

A free mobile app, highly rated customer service, and industry accolades help make the platform one of the most attractive in the crypto space right now, and it might stay that way for a while due to the constant development of the platform over time.

Registration is free and there is no minimum deposit for margin trading. Try PrimeXBT today and get access to education, copy trading, a mobile app and more.


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