(The Magazine Plus Editorial): Singapore, Singapore, May 24, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – PC Thomas ‘work on the’Instrument of love‘is exclusively available on Mintable.

PC Thomas’ oil paintings on canvas are around a dozen, mostly nature scenes. Thomas avoided publicity and kept his artwork in his home for his family to enjoy. He did not sell a single painting despite his financial difficulties. Why, because he believed them to be invaluable. He saw the depth of God’s love for mankind in nature. Thomas was a true environmentalist.

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Thomas belonged to the Christian Church of Kerala whose origin dates back to the Apostle Saint Thomas 2000 years ago. His deep faith made him see in nature the creative wonder of God. This experience filtered through his mind and ended up on the web. He was a genius and believed that imperfect humans cannot represent perfection in art, which is why he called his paintings “imperfect art”.

Oil on canvas signed and dated lower right, 24 by 38 inches, framed.

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You can see more of his works on redeemable.


PC Artist Thomas

1916 -2005

PC Thomas was an environmentalist artist who expressed his innermost emotions on canvas. He was a pioneer in the environmental representation of nature’s still lifes. He was also a great humanist, a school teacher, a social worker and a loving family man.

Lived in Kerala, the southern part of India commonly known as God’s own country. PC Thomas passed away in 2005 at the age of 89 without distinction. He found solace in different art forms, mainly oil painting. He also made some woodcarvings. He was multi-talented and loved to sing and play musical instruments.


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