Rashmika Mandanna, who touches on different industries, has quickly become the darling of young people. Interestingly, it was recently recognized as the “National Crush of India” for this year by a search engine giant. The pretty lady, who had a blockbuster in Tollywood earlier this year, is making her Kollywood debut next year with Sulthan, in which she’s paired up opposite Karthi. Many of her fans from different states regularly express their love for her on social media by posting tweets, photos and edited videos. Still, on Wednesday, the way one of her fans expressed her love for her surprised her.

The girl had created her image with oil paint on canvas and posted the photos to her Twitter account, captioned it as “India’s national crush” and tagged it. He also posted two videos on his Instagram account in which he was seen painting, with the caption “work in progress”. An impressed Rashmika responded to her tweet saying the painting made her wonder if it was the real her in it. Het tweet read, “OMG! Just WAW… it’s so beautiful I wonder if it’s really me in the picture you painted.


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