Redhill has announced that it is taking its first steps into the metaverse by partnering with US-based Pixel Canvas, a browser-based, photorealistic 3D metaverse platform, to deliver interactive and immersive brand experiences. and drive user engagement for customers and brands.

Through this partnership, Redhill plans to leverage the Pixel Canvas platform and technologies in brand campaigns and communication strategies.

“Through our collaboration with Pixel Canvas, our metaverse offering is designed to help our clients understand and capitalize on this massive next wave disrupting businesses and industries and equip them with the strategies and technologies they need to take full advantage of these new virtual worlds,” said Jacob Puthenparambil, Founder and CEO of Redhill.

With a background in 3D virtual event design for Fortune 500 companies like Verizon and WarnerMedia, Pixel Canvas uses a platform powered by Unreal Engine, a real-time 3D authoring tool, to deliver its metaverse experiences. One of their most recent projects was Criteo Island, a 3D island created for a four-day virtual metaverse event that saw over 4,000 concurrent users worldwide playing virtual games.

“Through our partnership with Redhill, our companies will be able to deliver premium, immersive experiences to transform the way brands connect, collaborate and communicate in a fully realized metaverse,” said Joey Lee, Founder and CEO of Pixel Canvas. “With our photorealistic technology and playful touchpoints, we can create deeply engaging experiences where users can interact with brands in entertaining ways, as well as where brands can use engagement data to inform branding strategies. sales and marketing.”

In addition to their latest venture Metaverse, Redhill recently acquired Singapore-based Vision Strategy Storytelling (“VS Story”) with the aim of providing creative visual storytelling solutions centered around social impact and sustainability for the agency and its clients. And earlier this year, they also created a new creative technology and design unit – Redhill Studio – which offers creative design, video and podcast production, and website and web application development.

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