Joseph Alexander is ready to bring color to the Med City with its new art school.

Alexander recently opened the doors to his Art academy without drift at office 450 of TJ Maxx and more Plaza at 1300 Salem Road SW. He will soon begin teaching his first students in weekly oil painting and pastel classes.

Oil painting classes are open to adults as well as students from the age of 12. It also offers pastel lessons for the youngest from the age of 7.

The idea is to teach the fundamentals of art. The lessons are designed for beginners of all levels up to professional artists.

An open information day is scheduled from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, August 24.

This new school was born from the artistic mentor of Alexander, Kevin murphy. Murphy is working with four of his top students, including Alexander, to create their own academies.

“I decided to do this because I am at that point in my life where I realize that if there are big dreams that I have and things that I want to see happen in my life of professional artist, I am the only one who has to make these things happen, ”said Alexander. “It fulfills this dream of taking my art and turning it into something… and living from it. “

The cost of each course includes canvas, brushes, and other supplies. Paintings, which are custom made for Driftless Academy, are an additional cost. Alexander said sets of paintings will be available at cost to students when they start a course.

“Everything is professional quality. It keeps bad materials from making good art, ”he said.


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