The multicultural set, comprised of quality expressionist oil pastels, gives artists the ability to create texture and blend extremely soft colors.

Artists now have a handy oil pastel kit to create natural skin tones for portrait renderings. Sakura of America (Sakura) today announces the new Multi-Cultural Cray-Pas Expressionist® Set for Portraits containing a selection of twelve smooth, easy-to-blend oil pastels. The standard from which all other oil pastels are measured, Expressionist Oil Pastels are formulated with extra fine grade pigments, wax and oil. Cray-Pas Expressionist Extender, a unique oil pastel medium that reveals a color’s hue range, extends a color and, when combined with blending techniques, produces authentic skin tones. The artwork for the Multi-Cultural Expressionist® portrait set was selected from the 1999 Cray-Pas competition that Sakura administers to support arts education and applaud the efforts of schools and teachers.

“The artists asked Sakura to produce a set of Cray-Pas oil pastel colors specifically to blend authentic skin tones, and we’re happy to oblige,” says Julia Reed, Sakura’s Marketing Manager. “The multicultural set, comprised of quality expressionist oil pastels, gives artists the ability to create texture and blend extremely soft colors.”

About the Multicultural Set:

The Multicultural Expressionist 12-piece set, order code: XLP12(SA)

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $7.50

Stick size: round stick 10mm diameter x 71mm long

Supports: paper, cardboard, canvas and wood

Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards and is “AP” certified

For more company, product information and a dealer locator, visit: or call 800-776-6257 for more information.

About the Wonderful and Colorful World of Cray-Pas Contest:

2010 marks the 15th year that Sakura has sponsored The Wonderful and Colorful World of Cray-Pas contest. This competition continues the founder’s tradition of supporting arts education and giving school children the opportunity to express themselves. American and Canadian students inspired by their teachers compete for one hundred and fifty finalist places. Three winners are selected by a panel of judges for each age category: kindergarten to second, third to fifth, and sixth to eighth grade. A contest gallery is published:

About Cray-Pas® Oil Pastels:

Invented in 1925, Sakura Color Products of Osaka, Japan formulated Cray-Pas® oil pastels with premium pigments, wax and oil. The motivation was to provide school children with smooth, blendable textured art materials to help promote creativity and self-expression. With innovation, first-class ingredients and a belief in an individual’s Power to Express® at its core, the company has expanded the family offering, which now consists of Junior Artist®, Expressionist® and Specialist ®. Today, the finest elements continue to compose Cray-Pas® oil pastels. The Cray-Pas® family is ideal for supplementing the development of technique and expression from childhood through high school, college, and professional level.

About the business philosophy

The company’s philosophy states that all people have ideas and thoughts worth expressing, and that each individual has the right and power to express their beliefs and creativity. This translates into the company’s goal of providing high-quality, affordable state-of-the-art writing instruments and art materials.

About Sakura Color Products of America, Inc.:

Sakura Color Products of America, Inc. (Sakura) is committed to developing writing instruments and art media that enable individual expression, creativity, and enhance communication. Based in Hayward, California, the company serves the United States and Canada and is the US subsidiary of privately held Sakura Color Products Corporation of Osaka, Japan. Sakura manufactures the popular Gelly Roll® gel pen, Pigma® Micron® fine line pens, Cray-Pas® oil pastels, as well as many other high quality writing instruments, art materials and industrial markers. quality.

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