Julie Snyder will demonstrate oil painting at the January 16 meeting of the Santa Clarita Artists Association (SCAA).

This event is free, open to the public, and meets at 6:30 p.m. at Barnes & Noble, 23630 Valencia Blvd.

“I paint the figure, finding my subjects in many backgrounds and bringing them into the studio to model. I like to recreate an impressionistic environment on canvas that tells a story,” Snyder said.

Painting wet-on-wet with a balance of loose and tight brushstrokes, she uses color and light to create interest and focus. His quality of painting is expressionistic as it captures the essential mood and gestures of his subjects. Her intimate portraits are more than the traditional head and shoulders – she unerringly finds the special quality that makes each individual both unique and multifaceted.

Born and raised in Scotland, Snyder’s travels have taken her across Europe. For a few years she lived on one of the islands off Spain. She forged her craft as an illustrator in advertising, publishing and the film industry, including Warner Bros. His work hangs in collections and galleries across the country. The National Museum of Sports Art has honored her three times (including her paintings of boxers before the bell and looking for the target) in their annual exhibitions; awarding Snyder the prestigious Gold Medal for Painting in 2013 for his painting Daily Drill.

Snyder also leads painting travel groups to various locations in Europe. She is a sought after artist in the Southern California figurative art scene. See http://juliesnyder.com/about.html

Arrive early, standing room only at 6:30 p.m. To see www.SantaClaritaArtists.org.


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