Between them, they forged the alliance that saw Britain go through its darkest hours. But the link between Winston Churchill and Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery now seems to count for little.

Because, in a gesture that surprised acquaintances, Monty’s family disposed of an oil painting of Churchill which he gave to his greatest war commander as a symbol of his “deep respect and friendship.”

Entitled Scene in Marrakech, it sold at Christie’s for £ 1.55million – which would have been a record for a Churchill painting had it not been for the sale of a Churchill painting the same evening. owned by actress Angelina Jolie, who recovered an extraordinary £ 8.3million.

Scene in Marrakech of Sir Winston Churchill – which was sold at Christie’s for £ 1.55million

Jolie’s canvas – another of Churchill’s Moroccan oil paintings – was donated by the Prime Minister to US President Franklin D Roosevelt, but had been sold by Roosevelt’s son Elliot as early as 1950.

In 2011, he was bought by Hollywood star Brad Pitt, who later married and divorced Jolie.

In contrast, Scene in Marrakech occupied a prominent place in the London home of the Marshal’s son, David, and his second wife, Tessa.

“It was in the office,” recalls a friend from overseas. But David, who succeeded his father as 2nd Viscount Montgomery of El Alamein in 1976, died a year ago at the age of 91.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill then visited Caen, Normandy, on July 22, 1944, as General Sir Bernard Montgomery indicated the positions on a map held by the commander of the 2nd Canadian Division, General GG Symonds

Prime Minister Winston Churchill then visited Caen, Normandy, on July 22, 1944, as General Sir Bernard Montgomery indicated the positions on a map held by the commander of the 2nd Canadian Division, General GG Symonds

Subsequently, the days of the painting seem to have been numbered.

“I don’t think the two children of David and his first wife, Henry and Arabella, particularly liked painting; I don’t think they thought it was particularly good.

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His withdrawal from the study was obviously not the work of Lady Montgomery.

“I didn’t know about the sale,” she tells me. “It wasn’t my picture.

Alerted to the price obtained at auction, Tessa Montgomery expressed her “surprise”.

His departure from the family naturally brings a significant financial boost.

David Montgomery left £ 6million in his will – and his son Henry’s late wife Caroline was the sister of controversial hedge fund mogul Crispin Odey.

“I heard that Crispin was generous with them,” said the friend. “But it gives them something more to help their children. “

The man who really put Liz hurley in “that” dress

Elizabeth Hurley wearing the iconic

Elizabeth Hurley wearing Versace’s iconic “safety pin dress”, pictured with Hugh Grant

Elizabeth Hurley has always claimed that Versace’s iconic “safety pin dress” she wore to the Four Weddings premiere was something she had just “pulled out of a plastic bag.”

But now Versace’s director of womenswear, Dean Aslett, has presented a quite different take on events. He says Hurley’s boyfriend Hugh Grant called him to ask if Versace could provide him with a free dress.

“Mr. Grant and Mrs. Hurley came to the Versace store,” says Aslett.

“No dress was sent to them. We wouldn’t have loaned a dress to someone we didn’t know.

Years later he met Hurley again. ‘She asked me:’ I recognize you, where do I know you from? ‘ So I said to her ‘I put her in that dress’ all those years ago.

“All I got back was stony silence. Liz, at the very least, needed to give me a big hug for what I had done for her and her career.

Garry Richardson, who celebrates 40 years of presenting the sport tomorrow on Radio 4’s Today show, said his career highlight was chatting live with US President Bill Clinton during a rain delay at Wimbledon. “Right before I went on the air I called my wife and said, ‘Bring the kids, call the family, I’m about to talk to someone very special live on TV. Don’t miss it. Clinton gave me 15 minutes and answered everything. Then I said to my nine year old daughter, ‘Did you watch it? It was good ? She said, ‘Hmm. Dad, I thought you were going to interview Robbie Williams.

Anya Hindmarch, the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite handbag designer, says women shouldn’t wear flashy designer logos if they want to look chic. “I don’t like status bags, or ‘Look at me I’m so rich’ bags,” she said. “What I like are the more low-key things, that’s what’s exciting – not ‘Look at me, I’m wearing this brand.’

Serena williams

Serena williams

Serena has a sparkling date …

Wimbledon champion Serena Williams is enjoying an extra sparkle in her life, thanks to the skillful hands of her husband, tech millionaire Alexis Ohanian.

The Reddit co-founder, who Serena has a three-year-old daughter with, reveals he designed a necklace for the tennis star, 39, which she later wore on their date.

Ohanian, 37, shared a photo of his wife wearing it and said, “I proudly designed Serena’s necklace. Backup career if this tech thing doesn’t work.

£ 100,000 – that’s a figure of speech for Theresa May

Theresa May’s unlikely new sideline as a speaker is proving to be very lucrative.

The former PM, whose speech at the Conservative Party conference in 2017 was memorably disastrous, has just revealed that she has pocketed more than £ 100,000 for three addresses – one of which hasn’t even been made yet pronounced.

The latest company to put Ms. May on the payroll is World 50 Inc, an ultra-exclusive organization that runs private peer membership groups for mega-wealthy executives.

The Parliamentary Register of Members’ Financial Interests reveals how Ms May has received £ 1.1million since December 2019.

In many cases, she didn’t even have to leave the house – delivering the speeches from a distance via Zoom.

Actress Billie Piper admits she lacks power to drink all day. “When people ask you what you miss about not having kids and being free, it’s those spontaneous pub days,” says the 38-year-old, who has two sons with her ex, Laurence Fox, and a daughter with her partner, singer Johnny Lloyd. “Where you say to yourself, ‘I’m going to stay eight hours and that’s it. There is no “you’re a bad person” if you do that. There is no guilt. And there really is no downside to that other than maybe a hangover.

Dame Clara Paget

Dame Clara Paget

Why Lady C promises to go the extra mile

Staying in shape is a full-time occupation for Lady Clara Paget, the actress daughter of the Marquis of Anglesey, as she will be running 150km this month – due to a typo.

The Fast & Furious star, 32, pledged to raise £ 1,000 for the Lady Garden Foundation – a women’s health charity run by Chloe Delevingne, sister of model Cara – but accidentally pledged to cover a much greater distance than expected.

“It was supposed to be 100 km, but I accidentally set it to 150 km,” says Lady Clara, who lives in northwest London with her Burberry model fiance, Oscar Tuttiett.

“So I managed to challenge myself even more difficult. Please be generous in light of my stupidity.

Kelly hoppen

Kelly hoppen

The “queen of the mole” Kelly flees to the countryside

She’s decorated the homes of David and Victoria Beckham and actor Martin Shaw, and now “mole queen” Kelly Hoppen is heading to greener pastures herself.

The interior designer, 61, sells the £ 12million London home that she co-owns with her longtime partner, retired businessman John Gardiner as they spend more than time in Oxfordshire.

“The only reason we’re selling it is because it’s too big. We have a place in the country and spend more time here, ”says Kelly, ex-wife of Hollywood star Sienna Miller’s father, Ed Hoppen bought the old 7,000 square foot warehouse in 2015 and rebuilt the property. semi-abandoned to include six bedrooms and six bathrooms, all featuring its signature neutral color scheme.

But it is the walk-in closet that she will miss the most. “No boys, no football talk, just girls’ time.”


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