EDEN, NC — A group of HBCU graduates are joining forces to educate people about the benefits of CBD.

What do you want to know

GoldHouse CBD is a specialist dispensary

It’s black property

Common ways to use CBD include oral administration of capsules and oil and inhalation of vape cartridges

GoldHouse CBD is the first CBD dispensary in Eden. It is also a black property.

The specialist dispensary opened in March with produce from black-owned farms.

One owner, Jon Dowd-Smith, has ADHD.

“I started hearing about CBD, Delta 8, etc. and tried it,” Dowd-Smith said. “And I immediately got these focused, relaxed, clear-headed effects.”

That’s why he and his friends opened GoldHouse CBD.

“Five of us all went to high school together,” Dowd-Smith said. “We all had a love for cannabis.”

He says his goal is to help others like the product has helped him.

“To provide this platform for people so they can understand that this stuff is actually good for you,” Dowd-Smith said.

Some common ways to use CBD include oral administration of capsules and oil, topical application of lotion, and inhalation from vape cartridges. However, the CDC does not recommend smoking in any form.


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