A joint exhibition featuring a collection of canvas paintings created by Liu Manwen, Yin Xiong, Li Peng, Shi Zhiying and Lu Dan is on display at the Shanghai Institute of Oil Painting and Sculpture Museum through September 23 .

The exhibition includes not only oil paintings, but also drafts, sketches, videos and other related material that could provide more detailed background on how these oil paintings were created.

Although their subjects vary from still life to portraits and landscapes, they all share a calm and reserved atmosphere, whether the scene depicted takes place in the past or the present.

“The exhibition tries to explore the concepts, languages ​​and forms of art on canvas, and at the same time examines the relationship in painting between time, space, life and the individual”, a said Jiang Mei, vice director of the institute.

Some of them incorporate familiar visual images like rocks, floating clouds, gardens, and seas. However, these objects become unknown under their brushstrokes with distant, mysterious and unconventional perspectives.

“What they are chasing are the fleeting moments in our lives,” commented Shang Hui, a renowned art critic.

For example, Liu Manwen’s “MSC” features a rear view of a woman sitting on a balcony with a vast sea in front of her. Although viewers cannot see the expression on the woman’s face, they can still sense her feelings and emotions at this time.

Another flagship work is “One Cloud” by Lu Dan. His painting depicts a marshmallow-like cloud hovering over a black background as if expressing something distant and uncertain of the artist’s inner self.

Ti Gong

The exhibition explores the essence of oil painting

Ti Gong

“Shanghai Past I” by Yin Xiong

Exhibition information

Dates: until September 23, 10 am-5pm
Location: Shanghai Institute of Oil Painting and Sculpture


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