Image of canvas swimming pool to contain oil spill in Argentina goes viral

Friday, December 17, 2021 – 21:20 UTC

A modest canvas swimming pool or a high-tech decontamination device?

The image of a canvas swimming pool designed for the backyard of a low-income family was used by Oldelval pipeline operators to contain a crude spill of more than 3 million liters in Argentinian Patagonia is went viral.

?? Don’t be confused! It is an energetic security measure that was put in place to contain the oil spill in Río Negro, ?? Left-wing Congresswoman Myriam Bregman joked on Twitter.

An oil spill in Argentina’s province of Río Negro made headlines about a week ago. But while everything seemed to be returning to normal, the ?? high-tech ?? resource shed light on Vaca Muerta’s main pipeline.

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The incident took place in the region of Medanito, about 20 kilometers south of the town of Catriel. The oil company discovered the pipe, checked for the rupture, and began with the tasks of sucking up the liquid, removing the soil and analyzing the situation. the district Environment and Climate Change secretary reported.

The photo quickly went viral on social media, accompanied by criticism for the environmental damage it had caused.

The Río Negro Environment and Climate Change Secretariat ordered the company to carry out reforestation in the area with the aim of mitigating the extraction of native flora that was involved in the clearing of the land. and that a veterinarian be hired to take care of the local wildlife.

Oleoductos Del Valle SA (Oldelval), which produces 95% of Vaca Muerta’s production, declared that it had already collected all the oil in the area when the image of the swimming pool cast doubt on the effectiveness of the solutions implemented.

Oldelval had also been inaccurate regarding the volume of the spill. At first, the company announced that it was 2000 m3 (cubic meters) and then changed it to 3200 m3.

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