Pokemon trainers in Japan have many ways to represent their favorite creature on a daily basis thanks to the ridiculous array of Pokemon products on offer. This year alone, we’ve seen huge Gengar chairs and even Pokemon house plaques to let the postman know this is your house and your favorite Pokemon is Bulbasaur.

A very cute merchandise release is courtesy of Lovisia, a company that sells adorable cosmetic gifts. Their Pokemon line has always adopted a pretty pastel color palette, and now they’ve recently expanded the hand cream collection to include 30 popular characters.

Not only does the packaging feature an image of the Pokémon itself, but the color of the tube was also chosen taking into account the type of Pokémon.


These are not just novelty items, hand cream is formulated to properly rejuvenate dry hands with petroleum jelly, shea butter, ceramide, argan oil and other moisturizing ingredients . The scent isn’t too strong either, as they opted for a subtle soap scent.


These are the perfect gifts for your Pokemon loving friends who have dry skin in the winter, or a great way to treat yourself this season. Hand creams can be found at various variety stores, Pokemon Centers, and Lovisia’s online store. Check out Lovisia for more information and to see the other awesome Pokémon cosmetics they have on offer.

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