Dahan Specialty Coffee is a third-wave cafe that just opened in mid-June. Its interiors are minimalist, yet modern and chic. The colors are soothing to the eyes, and the entire cafe is extremely well lit, but somehow manages to give off a calm, relaxed vibe. Instagram is buzzing with stories about the cafe’s delicious espresso blends and Third Wave coffee offerings, as well as a curated collection of baked goods, such as hojicha puffs and Basque cheesecake burns. from Sadie’s and brownies from Buckys.


The name of the cafe is inspired by the Filipino word “dahan-dahan”, which means slowly, carefully or take things easy.

The concept was born out of Sarah Tolentino David’s quiet weekend escapes during the pandemic. “I worked in e-commerce before and had a brief stint in fintech, and it all happened at an extremely fast pace. I wanted to take a break from everything,” Sarah says. According to her, the weekends were quieter. There was no rush to complete too many tasks. “On the weekends, I always had enough time to go to a decent cafe, in a quiet area, to enjoy a cup of coffee.” The weekends gave him the opportunity to reflect, relax and take it all in slowly.

Sadie’s Burnt Basque Cheesecake (P245) is available at Dahan Specialty Coffee

In early 2022, she took the opportunity to pursue the creation of a café; she also quit her job at the company to make Dahan Specialty Coffee full-time. She contacted several coffee roasters and eventually decided to work with champion barista and former owner of Need Coffee, Daniel Roque, as a consultant for her new venture.

Capturing the essence of Dahan through branding

Sarah wanted a different design perspective, so she contacted Knu Kim and Paco Fernandez of Madrid, Spain-based Re-union Collective to develop and visualize Dahan Specialty Coffee’s brand.

The Calamansi Espresso Tonic (P200) is a refreshing surprise for those looking for new contemporary espresso drinks to try.

“Knu has organized many workshops and branding sessions for us. During one session, he showed me several illustrations of different architectural styles of buildings and asked me which one best represented Dahan Specialty Coffee. I had to explain my answer, and dug deep to articulate my thoughts. This session helped me actualize the elements that best visualize and represent Dahan”.

Knu and Paco (who both worked in Fjord) were inspired by the circles, as they represented a bird’s eye view of a cup of coffee, but also signified community and how friends can come together at Dahan as a meeting point. The colors they chose represented calm and serenity.


Dahan’s baristas are a mix of new and experienced in the (coffee) business. They are mostly women led by Dahan’s head barista, Misha Salud. Customers know that these people are knowledgeable and passionate about coffee and are also friendly. You can ask them for more information on the store’s specialties and they will be happy to share their recommendations or personal favorites with you. It’s a safe space for beginners and coffee connoisseurs, but also for non-coffee drinkers.

Calm. Classically New. Coffee.

Dahan’s Spanish Latte (P180/hot, P180, iced) is a crowd favorite

Dahan Specialty Coffee’s menu revolves around classic and contemporary (hence classic new) espresso drinks. Drinks are created through a La Marzocco Linea Classic, provided by Yardstick. You can also take advantage of paying overs to Dahan. Chat with the baristas as they brew a cup in front of you at Dahan’s slow bar, which features a curated selection of single-origin beans from local and foreign roasters.

Natural Wines

Cafes today offer cocktails after dark, but Dahan brings a new experience with natural wines as part of the menu. Natural wines are very popular in Europe, especially in Spain, because they are easy to drink, unpretentious and fun to enjoy. There is a generous selection of options to choose from, ranging from fruity and floral to volcanic. The best part is that drinking natural wines doesn’t give you a hangover, which is perfect for those who need a drink but still need to work or run errands the next day.

Dahan Specialty Coffee is located at President’s Grove, President’s Avenue, Parañaque City. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday through Sunday. Follow them on instagram and Facebookor find them on Google Maps.



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