A vegan platform’s plant-based omelet mix offers a chance to enjoy the moistness without the overpowering smell. Plus, a meatless bacon seasoning

Chilla prepared with the plant-based omelette mix; (right) bacon seasoning works well with stir-fries

Growing up, breakfast at this writer’s house was served with the singsong reminder that “Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande”. The popular and catchy National Egg Coordinating Committee (NECC) jingle that has struck a chord with middle-class families across India, can hardly be heard these days. Today, the mention of whole eggs (along with the yolks) is often unwelcome on health grounds, when whites are the new favorite. And as conscious eaters seek out protein substitutes or gravitate towards plant-based diets, the humble egg has found worthy alternatives. Take for example Urban Platter, an online FMCG brand, which has come up with a new plant-based omelet premix (Rs 315).

The premix promises all the goodness of a post-workout meal and is “cholesterol-free,” according to the label. Made with black-eyed pea protein and moong bean flour, it comes as a gritty powder in a 200g bottle. Aparna Chaudhari, our house vegetarian, who came on board to test it, was worried about the egg smell. She was relieved that it was odorless. Following the label instructions – one tablespoon of the powder mixed with about 60ml of water – she made a plate of eggless omelettes that look like besan peppers. “The premix looks like powdered milk. Once you mix it with water, it’s not like a paste; the texture resembles a mixture of rava dough,” she tells us. Although the instructions call for the seasoning and the oil, Chaudhari shares that you can do without both. “It’s easy to make and doesn’t require any oil or salt because it has its own flavor. Unlike chili, which can get soggy or rubbery when cold, the eggless omelette retains its fluffiness. It’s a healthy option, but don’t try it expecting egg taste. But it looks like an omelet,” she says.

Chaudhari also ate it with toast and recommends adding some vegetables. The premix can also be used to make scrambled eggs and French toast. Egg or without egg, the jingle is still relevant: “Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande”.

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The bacon from the heart

The bacon from the heart

As hardcore bacon lovers, we make it a point to save the fat that accumulates when frying a strip or two, to whip up a gourmet omelet. But recently we found ourselves guilty for trying Urban Platter’s ‘vegan bacon’ seasoning (Rs 140, 100g). It is made with salt, dehydrated onions and garlic, spices, herbs, soy sauce powder, maltodextrin, and artificial seasoning, among other ingredients. The powder is akin to the cheese mixture often found drizzled with popcorn; it tastes like cheese and smoke. We sprinkled it over a plate of sautéed vegetables and chicken, and found it cut the sweetness of the greens and lent it a light bacon-inspired aroma.


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