Customers realized benefits of $1.53 million over three years, including improved security posture and improved user experience

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 25, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Versa Networks, the recognized leader in SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), today announced the results of a study commissioned by Total Economic Impactâ„¢ (TEI) conducted by Forrester Consulting. The study, Total Economic Impact of Dell Virtual Edge Platform (VEP), commissioned by Dell Technologies, found that organizations using Dell VEPs powered by Intel processors running Versa Operating System (VOS)â„¢ realize a profit of 1.53 million dollars over three years against costs of $663,000, resulting in a net present value (NPV) of $864,000 and a return on investment (ROI) of 130%, with the combined solution paying for itself in nine months .

To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment, Forrester interviewed four enterprise customers with experience using Dell VEPs powered by Intel processors running Versa Operating System (VOS)â„¢ in a software-defined wide area network. secure (SD-WAN) environment. These organizations range from services in the United States and Europe to global operations, in industries described as financial services and banking; oil and gas equipment services; an SD-WAN service provider; and localization, translation and testing of video games. To create a framework to quantify the benefits, Forrester constructed a representative financial model of the interviews using the TEI methodology and risk-adjusted the financial model based on the issues and concerns of the interviewees’ organizations. The model measured a three-year return on investment based on interviews with customers and Forrester, as well as financial analysis.

According to the study, “By implementing Dell VEP devices running the Versa operating system (VOS), users can enhance their existing digital networking stack to promote data transfer efficiency across their The senior network engineer for a localization, translation, and video game testing organization said, “The pre-installed Versa software offers remote access VPN. With our Dell VEP devices already in place, we can easily start using it without having to buy anything else.”

The independent study found that prior to using Dell VEP and Versa, enterprises used a combination of networking technologies and vendors to manage their networks. Their solutions were limited, slow, and lacked newer technology integrations. Outages were frequent and costly, and management continually received complaints about connection speed and downtime. Organizations have also faced global supply chain and product quality issues.

According to the study, “The central management platform of the combined Dell VEP, Intel and Versa solution enables organizations to monitor and collect accurate data across all devices and realize efficiencies by addressing these data. A manager explained, “With the Dell VEP solution and the Versa combination, we get components that manage the entire solution, all devices in all sites and all configurations. Now we can do all of this in one place, where before it went to each router when you needed to make a change. So centralized management, logging and reporting has been key for us.'”

Based on the interviews, Forrester constructed a TEI framework, composite business, and ROI analysis that illustrates the financially impacted areas. The composite company is representative of the four companies surveyed by Forrester and is used to present the overall financial analysis. The resulting composite organization was characterized as a US-based company in the financial services industry now with global operations; have an annual income totaling $5 billion; and running 50 branches, growing to 60 by year three.

According to the study, with Dell VEP devices powered by Intel processors running VOS, organizations found a cost-effective solution that met networking requirements, supported their SD-WAN strategy, and came from a vendor that could provide reliably around the world. Quantified benefits attributable to Dell VEP and Versa include:

  • Unnecessary purchases avoided, with a total savings of $216,000 over three years

  • Employee productivity gains through supply chain improvements, with total savings over three years of $237,500

  • Saved IT resources time, with total savings over three years of $335,160

  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) cost savings, with total savings over three years of $1,058,063

Unquantified customer benefits include a trusted partnership with Dell; centralized management, reporting and logging; improved visibility and analytics; improved security posture; improved user experience through better traffic management; and flexibility.

An IT network infrastructure manager for an oil and gas equipment and services organization commented on the combined value of Dell VEP and VOS SD-WAN: “The advantage is that I have a central policy and that I can deploy it everywhere. Activating a device at a new location is also much easier. You just need to extract the configuration from the directory – you don’t have to program it individually.

“Customers profiled in this study have made Versa their strategic partner to meet their complex needs for secure access, networking and digital transformation,” said Michael Wood, Chief Marketing Officer of Versa Networks. “Versa SASE offers a unique integration of SASE networking and security services – including SD-WAN – via the cloud or, if customers prefer, delivered on-premises or as a combination of the two. We believe that this Forrester Consulting study sheds light on our customers’ experiences and confirms the gains in employee productivity, savings in IT resources, and improved security that businesses can achieve with Versa.”

Versa SASE delivers tightly integrated services via the cloud, on-premises, or as a combination of the two via VOS with single-pass parallel processing architecture and managed through a single pane of glass. Versa started providing SASE services such as VPN, Secure SD-WAN, Edge Compute Protection, Next-Generation Firewall, Next-Generation Firewall as a Service, Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for over of five years. from. Versa uniquely provides contextual security based on user, role, device, application, location, device security posture, and content.

For more details, download the Total Economic Impactâ„¢ study at

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Versa Networks, the leader of SASE, combines extensive security, advanced networking, industry-leading SD-WAN, true multitenancy, and sophisticated analytics through the cloud, on-premises, or a combination of the two to meet SASE requirements for small and medium-sized businesses. very large enterprises and service providers, and through the simplified Versa Titan cloud service designed for Lean IT. Thousands of customers worldwide with hundreds of thousands of locations trust Versa for their networks, security and clouds. Versa Networks is privately held and funded by Sequoia Capital, Mayfield, Artis Ventures, Verizon Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Liberty Global Ventures, Princeville Capital, RPS Ventures and Triangle Peak Partners. For more information, visit or follow Versa Networks on Twitter @versanetworks.

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