An autumn sky full of white clouds with wild candy canes swaying below – a very cheerful and positive scene that you might want to draw on a canvas, set as your phone wallpaper or even paint on your bedroom wall. But imagining a piece of furniture painted with scenes like this can be a bit unusual.

The choice of color is quite limited when it comes to furniture, especially if wood is your first preference. Brightly colored furniture is rare.

To stand out from the mainstream and create colorful furniture with captivating murals and designs, the Wazeenah brand started its journey two years ago.

In July 2020, when the pandemic gripped the best of us, Bushra Tasnim, an undergraduate student at the University of Brac, decided to nurture and materialize her creative side.

Along with three of her sisters, she created a Facebook page named “Wazeenah” to sell her paintings, hoop arts and hand-embroidered products. In fact, Wazeenah is the Arabic word for creative.

“Soon after we started, we launched hand-painted lamps and it is our best-selling product so far. We have sold over 100 lamps so far,” Bushra informed us.

In 2021, the brand introduced its most unique product yet, bedside tables with wall art. The nightstand was an instant hit, the brand has sold over 50 pieces to date. Wazeenah also sells shoe racks, dinner carts, and other home decor pieces.

Bushra is an architecture student and in her words, her academic major helped a lot in establishing this business.

“The discipline and time management I gained through my architecture education helped me the most. Juggling such a challenging major as architecture with a full-time business wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t had the extensive training to push myself to my limits and time management,” she explained.

Bushra believes that all of its products reflect the work of an architect; they are accurate and ready to use.

Design and commercial planning are handled by Bushra alone. His mother Asma Noor helps him with the carpentry and execution part of the business.

Currently, Wazeenah collaborates on many interior design projects, providing them with the complete interior furniture solution.

Bushra said, “Lately, many people have preferred colorful and creative interior ideas, and we are happy to design a full set of furniture for them.”

The brand also performs customization work on existing furniture and gives it a whole new look. “If someone wants to refurbish their old furniture, we welcome them. In this case, we sit down with the customer, see the furniture and share ideas,” she informed us.

From carpentry to embellishment, all items are made from scratch. For furniture, processed wood/plywood is the brand’s top choice, as it is sturdy and has better longevity. They also work on several other materials. The paintings are made using an acrylic medium and all raw materials are locally sourced.

Currently, Wazeenah has a team of eight young, emerging female artists. The brand has a creative studio in Dhanmondi where all team members work and share ideas.

“It’s a fun and safe place to work for women. We channel our artistic freedom here. Only the design and painting part is done at the studio, while the carpentry is done at the factory,” Bushra said.

Most items of this brand are sold on pre-order. Once the order is placed, it takes about two weeks to deliver the product. Orders are taken through Wazeenah’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

A painted Wazeenah lamp costs between 3,700 and 7,800 Tk. The price of a bedside table starts from 9,000 Tk and goes up to 13,000 Tk. The price of each product varies according to the level of customization.

“Wall art in furniture is a new concept. It took a while for the market to accept it, but everyone started to like it anyway,” Bushra concluded.

Price scale: The price of lamps starts from Tk 3,700 and the price of bedside tables starts from Tk 9,000. However, the price will vary depending on the customizations.

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