HOUSTON AND CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Validere, a leading all-in-one commodity management platform for the energy industry, today announced that the company has completed the acquisition of Clairifi Inc. (“ clarified”). Clairifi offers end-to-end reporting capabilities on environmental and regulatory requirements, minimizing the burden of managing emissions while maximizing tax savings and improving operational efficiency.

Companies across the energy supply chain are often burdened with the daunting task of compliance reporting, a time-consuming process that is typically done manually in Excel spreadsheets by expensive environmental consultants. These issues come on top of ever-changing environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies, as well as disorganized data, which can lead to confusion about meeting reporting requirements.

The acquisition of Clairifi strengthens Validere’s ESG offerings to now include regulatory reporting capabilities, in addition to enhancing our status as the only data platform to assess and manage certification processes. Partnering with Validere also gives energy companies access to expert ESG advisors, who can help companies assess their ESG strategies and make the right decisions to drive efficiency and sustainability with speed and ease.

“Joining forces with Validere puts both companies in a better position to deliver an effective and efficient path to compliance, using a holistic approach guided by data-driven decisions,” says Corey Wood, MSc, Co-Founder and CEO of Clairifi. “Together, we stand ready to disrupt ineffective and outdated compliance approaches while enabling our customers to differentiate themselves as ESG-conscious energy producers.”

“Existing Validere customers can now take advantage of Clairifi’s proven technology to simplify regulatory compliance and take full advantage of environmental products, using comprehensive datasets to meet multiple regulatory requirements,” said Nouman Ahmad, co- founder and CEO of Validere. “This acquisition also enhances Validere’s predictive capabilities, enabling accurate predictions based on granular inputs to build models with pinpoint accuracy.”

With the integration of Clairifi, companies can now easily comply with current and future SEC regulations, as well as access a centralized platform to accurately measure, manage and forecast their ever-changing emissions strategies.

“The implementation of carbon costing and emission reduction requirements introduces new immediate and long-term consequences that ripple from the field to corporate headquarters,” says Wood. “While regulatory compliance is often seen as a burden on the industry, requiring resources and continuous innovation, if we are well prepared, these challenges can be used as catalysts to relaunch, refresh and improve.

About Validere

Validere is the leading all-in-one product management platform for the energy industry. We help energy providers gain visibility, implement their findings, and predict future scenarios for their physical and environmental products. We are the only platform that integrates ESG market data and insights with traditional commodity markets, giving clients a holistic picture for their key trading decisions. We believe the future of energy requires a modernized supply chain, which is why we’re reducing barriers to actionable insights to improve the energy landscape for everyone. Through people and technology, we clarify business and operational challenges, provide ways to act on learnings, and facilitate predictions for the future state.

About Clairifi

The Clairifi platform makes it easy to understand how regulatory requirements apply to your organization, while minimizing the burden of quantification, analysis, forecasting and reporting. By empowering our users with emerging regulatory technology, we help oil and gas companies focus on prior year emissions to maximize savings, increase operational efficiencies, and identify opportunities to capitalize on credit projects carbon offset.


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