Nvidia and Adobe have teamed up to develop a 3D painting app that is sure to become an essential tool for modern art forgers. The software accurately simulates 3D texture of oil paintsand how the bristles of a brush work to spread it across a canvas.

If you’ve ever looked closely at an oil painting, it doesn’t look like a flat 2D image coming out of a color printer. Paint has depth and texture, and artists often use exaggerated thick layers, in a technique called impasto, to add another dimension to their pieces. by Vincent Van Gogh Twelve Sunflowers is a well-known example.

Nvidia and Adobe’s Wetbrush system allows artists to interact with simulated oil paints in real time using a stylus on a touchscreen, without ever getting their hands dirty. By treating the virtual oil painting as two different types of particle simulations, the software also doesn’t require a supercomputer to calculate an artist’s brushstrokes in real time.

Virtual paint can be smeared, dabbed, hardened and blended just like real paint. Not only does it allow a hobbyist to try their hand at oil painting, but it also allows a more experienced artist to model a larger piece without having to waste a canvas. All that’s missing is a virtual Oculus Rift experience involving cutting off your ear, so everyone can pretend to be the next van Gogh.

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Original oil painting by Hermann Herzog (1832-1932) will be on sale on August 27 at Woody Auction


3D virtual oil painting perfectly simulates the interaction between brush, paint and canvas

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