Open letter to my neighbors with lawn signs by Nicole Malliotakis:

There’s nothing wrong with your conservative values. There’s something pretty twisted about endorsing a candidate who doesn’t represent anything. “Crime is bad” is not considered a platform.

What is your party’s plan to reduce inflation? What different legislation is your candidate actually proposing to tackle crime? It probably exists, but all Nicole Maliotakis can do is embrace Trump and refuse to understand the fact that most of the country has moved on, complaining about gas prices as if Biden — or anyone else besides – had any kind of power to rig world oil prices.

Opposing something, without a clear alternative on health care, inflation, or crime, does not count as a solution. And although, as we have learned, your people can unfortunately win elections this way, you cannot maintain power without political achievements, as you have seen in 2020 when you did not even take the struggling to create a platform.

Take advantage of your advantage today. You’re going to lose it no matter what in November, unless your candidate grows a spine. Max Rose trashes bail reform, genuinely fights for first responders on all fronts, shares most of our shared values, and unlike Nicole Malliotakis, he doesn’t have to balance the fragile ego of an ex. – presiding over every decision he makes. I hope my neighbors without signs will consider voting for him.

(Matt Matilsky is a resident of Prince’s Bay)


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