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World’s Fastest Influencer Recruitment Platform Wobb Hires 1,000 Influencers to Build Beauty Brand Plum

Posted on February 17, 2022

Plum launched its new line of skincare products through an influencer marketing campaign and received over 49 million social media impressions.

Wobb – the world’s fastest influencer recruitment platform connected Plum, a 100% vegan beauty and personal care brand, with 1000 social media influencers to promote its new skincare range. As part of the strategic influencer marketing campaign, Plum received 49 million impressions on its social media.

Wobb gathered top influencers like Ashna Shroff, Kritika Khurana, Juhi Godambe, Shiv Shakti, Shafaq Naaz among others to promote Plum’s new skincare products. Under the campaign, products such as plum vitamin C serum, plum green tea facial cleanser, grapeseed and sea buckthorn oil, etc., were reviewed and widely posted on social media.

Satisfied with this collaboration, Ishan Jindal, Founder and CEO of Wobb, said“Pureplay has several brands in its portfolio. We started our journey with Phy Life, which is a men’s skincare brand. In no time, Tanmay from Phy (Pureplay team) gave us a stellar recommendation and we are become the go-to influencer company for all Pureplay brands, including Plum Goodness and Plum Bodylovin’ Over the year, the Plum team collaborated, helping us deliver outstanding influencer campaigns in as part of our efforts to help build the brand and we have learned so much about beauty and personal care brands that over 200 brands in this space work with us and for many of them we are able to offer a guaranteed return on investment up to 3 times thanks to our undisputed industry-leading expertise, which no one anywhere in the world can offer.

The influencer campaign received over 49 million impressions and a total engagement of 5.6 million. Additionally, the skincare products have earned 29 million views, 11.3 million likes, and over 100,000 comments.

Delighted with the success of their influencer campaign, Sakshi Agarwal, Assistant Marketing Manager at Pureplay, said, “It has been a pleasure working with Wobb for all of our influencer campaigns! The Wobb team is very dedicated to the brands they work with. High costs, fast turnaround times, great content and 100% customer support have been Wobb’s USP for us at Plum BodyLovin’. Many thanks to Wobb for always killing him for us! :)!”

Launched in September 2020, Wobb is the world’s fastest influencer recruitment platform that connects marketers with verified social media influencers for paid and barter campaigns. The platform is trusted by over 300 brands and more than one lake influencer and aims to create a disruptive marketplace for influencers and marketers to boost the creator economy.

As India’s largest AI-powered platform for influencers and marketers, Wobb runs over 100 campaigns every month. It has carried out more than 5,000 campaigns with influencers since its launch and offers an average gain of Rs 5,600 per campaign to the influencer. By leveraging the Wobb Dashboard, marketers can post their influencer needs to Wobb, start enticing influencers to apply for campaigns, easily hire influencers, and get all the tools to manage influencers at scale. without having to manage Excel sheets and so much manual effort. The tool is able to distribute bulk payments, set milestones for influencer deliverables, and track campaign progress in real time. The company aims to speed up and streamline the influencer recruitment process for marketers and help influencers engage with big brands, while aiming to effectively manage influencer marketing for Indian marketers.


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