CASPER, Wyo.– The Wyoming Democratic Party announced Tuesday that it is using a new platform for residents to ask questions of candidates and officials.

The Wyoming Democratic Party’s new Rep’d page allows people to submit questions and vote on questions submitted by others that they want answered. When a candidate or official answers a question in a video message, the person who asked the question is notified and others can also view the video message.

The Wyoming Democratic Party said a benefit of the platform is that it allows Wyoming voters to connect over long distances. Upvoting also allows people to indicate priority issues.

“This particular tool uses well-known online methods that are really quite democratic, such as upvote questions that have already been asked and questions that you think might be overlooked,” said Greg Haas, director of the rural organization of the WDP. “If others think your question is important, they can give it a thumbs up.”

Some of the questions people have already asked through the Wyoming Democratic Party’s Rep’d page include:

  • “Why shouldn’t I change parties to vote in the primary?
  • “What is the plan to help struggling local businesses affected by Covid?”
  • “The State Land and Investment Board (SLIB) finances many infrastructure projects with “pass-through” funds. Where does this money come from?
  • “What are Democrats doing to protect reproductive rights?
  • “How are the WyoDems going to protect my liberties and liberties?”
  • “How can I get involved in the WDP before the November elections? »
  • “What’s the plan for Wyoming Democrats for the 2022 midterms?”
  • “How do Democratic candidates feel about accepting federal funding? »
  • “How do I register to vote?” Should I go to the county courthouse? »
  • “Do Democrats Think Certain Books Should Be Banned in K-12 Schools?”
  • “What can Wyoming Democrats do to help marginalized Wyoming families, such as in the areas of fair wages, food insecurity, and/or family services and supports? »
  • “What do you think will happen mid-term in Wyoming?”



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