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For many creatives, a new year brings new inspiration for original projects. In 2021, the artist from Atlanta Courtney myers challenges his talents as a painter by creating an oil landscape for no less than 12 different countries. His first completed work transports the viewer to the awe-inspiring nature of Scotland, which features a diverse landscape of grassy hills, rocky cliffs, vast expanses of water and a warm sunset on the horizon.

“This particular landscape comes from the Isle of Skye and is called Old Man of Storr,” Myers told My Modern Met. “It was actually recommended to me by a Scottish follower. I found an absolutely gorgeous reference from the photographer Paul Andrews and he was very kind and willing to let me use the photo as a reference.

Once the image was selected, Myers began his process by staining the canvas with color. “I usually start my pieces with a print underpaint, ”she explains,“ and accumulate oils and details on top of that. The vibrant colors and haunting elements that result in the finished painting are indicative of Myers’ overall style, in which his passion for illustration and creating realistic worlds shines.

You can purchase original paintings and prints through Myer’s Etsy boutique, and stay up to date with his latest creations by following the artist on Instagram.


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