Obtaining the contraband chest at the CDG oil rig in Far Cry 6 can be difficult, but there is a quick solution to opening the container.

Far Cry 6 boost shotgun location

There are a lot of weapons to find in Far cry 6, but the Shotgun Supercharger located on the CDG oil rig is one of the best. It just happens to be in a contraband safe that doesn’t have an obvious solution to accessing it.

Players will need to be at the CDG oil rig in the northwestern Yara region to begin their search for the Supercharger shotgun found in the Far cry 6 Contraband chest. The game naturally takes players here during the Diesel Daisy mission in the Monteros storyline, but it can be walked through at any time.


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How to get Yaran contraband from the CDG oil rig in Far Cry 6

far cry 6 boost shotgun location

The contraband chest with the Supercharger shotgun in Far cry 6 sits atop the southeastern part of the platform. It’s in a container, but the entry is blocked by another container. It’s easy to assume that players have to detonate it or try to push it on their own.

To get the CDG Oil Rig contraband chest, players actually need to flip a switch located in a control room on the southwest side of the rig.. From the contraband location, find the zip line nearby and ride it on the other side. It will stop just outside a building with the number 16 displayed. Enter the room, turn left and press the red button. This will move the container out of the way, clearing the way for the contraband chest containing the powerful Supercharger shotgun. Return to the southeast platform to retrieve the pistol and its attached mods, without having to use gunpowder in Far cry 6.

Far cry 6 boost shotgun location and contraband chest solution

If players don’t already own one of the best weapons in the game, like the Far cry 6 Crackle & Pop Machine Gun, they should definitely equip the Supercharger. Its Buckshot cartridges deal devastating damage at close range, and it comes with a silencer and excellent silencer and reload times. It’s a fantastic close combat pistol, but it can also be used mid-range to aid in stealth kills.

If players choose Story Mode over Action in Far cry 6, finding and equipping the best gear is not as essential as in Action. However, with the Supercharger being a quiet shotgun, it’s a fun weapon to wield regardless of damage dealt, and players are sure to have a good time with it, however they like to play.

Far cry 6 is out now on Amazon Luna, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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